Every great website design starts with a great brief. By answering a few simple questions you can better clarify your thoughts and the objectives of the website so they can be properly addressed in the design.

Below are a list of questions that I ask clients to consider when putting together a brief for a new Website Design.

1. Do you have a motto, tagline, mission statement or similar?

2. What type of site do you require?
Eg Brochure, Blog, Ecommerce, Minisite?

3. How many pages are needed and what are they?
Eg Home, About Us, Services, Contact

4. What style do you envisage for the site?
List any existing sites you would like to cite as a reference and what appeals to you about these examples.

5. What is the main goal/objective of the website?
Briefly describe the goal and functionality of the website.

6. What is the primary call to action?
Eg Call now / Buy now / Sign up / Get a quote / Email us / Work with us.

7. What is the tone of the website?
How will you be addressing the audience? Eg serious, friendly, playful, professional etc

8. What search terms do you want to target?
Which search terms will potential customers use to find you?

9. Preferred colour scheme
Do you have any corporate colours that need to be used?

10. Deadlines
What timeframe did you have in mind? Are there any specific deadlines?

11. Additional information
Provide any additional material that could assist with the project. Eg logos, images, documents.

12. Additional services
Do you require any additional services to complement the launch of your new website? Eg Email marketing? Facebook Posts? Online Surveys? Print Design or  Corporate Identity Design?